Miracle Valley Camp

Priyanke Madawela

An Exciting NEW Venture

In 2009, Priyanke Madawela (Pri), a native Sri Lankan, joined our internship program and while here completed the remaining planning and organization for Sri Lanka’s first outdoor ministry, Miracle Valley. Unique in the predominantly Buddhist Sri Lanka, Miracle Valley is a small retreat center hidden in a small village just an hour out of Kandy on the edge of a national park. Pri’s goal is to re-connect the Sri Lankan people to God, creation, and one another in community through small camps and retreats in a gorgeous natural area.

Warm Beach Camp has had staff visit Miracle Valley to support the development of the facility. A team is going this spring, March 29-April 13, 2014, to do work projects and assist with local ministry programs. Please support the team with your prayers.

In the future, we hope to continue to partner with churches and individuals who want to support the work of Miracle Valley. In sensitivity to the local community which does not wish to be commercialized, Miracle Valley does not maintain a website, but you can find them on Facebook at Miracle Valley.