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Horsemanship Programs

Take your horsemanship skills to the next level! All year long!

We are committed to providing a safe, caring, hands-on learning experience with horses! This is as close as it gets to owning your own horse! Our horsemanship leadership staff are CHA certified.

If you love horses, this summer camp is for you! Ride and care for your own horse. Learn new horsemanship skills. Grow in friendships and love for God.
Spring Break and Summer Day Camps offer campers an experience loving and caring for a horse while growing in faith, friendships, and horsemanship skills.
Participants grow in their riding disciplines and their spiritual and personal life. Safety and responsible horse handling are central in the program.
Therapeutic Horsemanship is ideal for those who may be challenged by physical, cognitive, or social conditions. Individuals reap great rewards in this safe and encouraging environment.
Moms and/or Dads and kids experience horse camp together! Enjoy instructional riding, trail riding, and other horse related activities.
Get certified as an instructor through the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA). Certification validates instructors are knowledgeable, safe and effective.
WITs apprentice alongside experienced staff. They gain experience in safety, horsemanship instruction, group control, and horse care while working with guests and campers.
Vaulting combines gymnastics and dance on the back of a moving horse. It is one of the safest equestrian sports, and helps build confidence, balance, strength, and coordination.

For more information email the Registration Department
or call 360-652-7575 / 800-228-6724 toll free during office hours 8:30am - 5:00pm, Monday-Friday.


Horsemanship Leadership

The staff are passionate for sharing the love of God through professional horsemanship instruction. They believe in the amazing ability of horses and horse related activities to nurture the potential in each person. The staff are active in one or more professional associations such as Certified Horsemanship Association, American Vaulting Association, and Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship.

Horsemanship Director
Lisa Tremain
New Zealand native, Lisa Tremain, is excited to be back at Warm Beach Camp to serve as the Horsemanship Director where she hopes to share her love of horses and God with others. Lisa first came to Warm Beach Camp as a WIT (Wrangler in Training) in 2003, and since has served in other camp ministries throughout New Zealand. She believes horses provide a unique opportunity to teach not only horsemanship skills, but also core life skills including trust, respect, communication and the importance of relationships.
Assistant Horsemanship Director
Ginger Reitz
Ginger Reitz has been involved in various horse sports for decades including – riding, competing, teaching and training. In her role as the Assistant Horsemanship Director Ginger oversees the Warm Beach Vaulters competitive vaulting club and the Warm Beach Therapeutic Horsemanship programs. Ginger has a God-given compassion for those who can benefit simply from the activity and environment of vaulting, riding, and horse-related activities. Her goal is to improve people’s lives through equine-assisted activities and create space for others to connect to the love of God.